Quick Migrations


django-inspectional-registration can be migrate from django-registration by south. To migrate, follow the instructions

  1. Confirm your application has 'south', 'django.contrib.admin' and in your INSTALLED_APPS, if you haven’t, add these and run syncdb command to create the database table required.

  2. Execute following commands:

    $ ./manage.py migrate registration 0001 --fake
    $ ./manage.py migrate registration
  3. Rewrite your most top of urls.py as:

    from django.conf.urls.defaults import patterns, include, urls
    from django.contrib import admin
    urlpatterns = pattern('',
        # some urls...
        # django-inspectional-registration require Django Admin page
        # to inspect registrations
        url('^admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),
        # Add django-inspectional-registration urls. The urls also define
        # Login, Logout and password_change or lot more for handle
        # registration.
        url('^registration/', include('registration.urls')),
  4. Set REGISTRATION_SUPPLEMENT_CLASS to None in your settings.py


    django-inspectional-registration can handle registration supplemental information. If you want to use your own custom registration supplemental information, check About Registration Supplement for documents.

    Settings REGISTRATION_SUPPLEMENT_CLASS to None mean no registration supplemental information will be used.

  5. Done. Enjoy!

The database difference between django-registration and django-inspectional-registration

django-inspectional-registration add new CharField named registration.models.RegistrationProfile._status to the registration.models.RegistrationProfile and change the storategy to delete RegistrationProfile which has been activated from the database insted of setting 'ALREADY_ACTIVATED' to registration.models.RegistrationProfile.activation_key.

activation_key will be generated when the _status of RegistrationProfile be 'accepted' otherwise it is set None